En Fuego

March 24

“I was standing at the top of Guatemala’s Acatenango Volcano watching the stars and the city lights from almost 4,000 meters above sea level,” says Your Shot contributor Diego Fabriccio Diaz Palomo, a native of Guatemala who climbs the volcano every year. “That was when the Fuego Volcano literally exploded. I start running with a friend for probably half a mile to get to the right spot to shoot the lava. I almost fell down the cliff because I had to be in a really complicated spot to get the right composition.”

Diaz Palomo took two long-exposure photos at 90 seconds each. At second 87 of the second shot, lightning appeared in a far cloud on the horizon. “I was without words,” he says. “It was indescribable.”

Diaz Palomo’s picture was published in the recent Moment assignment on Your Shot.

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