Raven Mad

April 09

A great gray owl sweeps its wing in Yellowstone National Park in this picture from Your Shot member Henrik Nilsson. “The owl was being harassed by a raven,” Nilsson says. “If you look closely, you can see part of the nictitating membrane in the owl’s left eye.”

Nilsson, who visits Yellowstone at least once a year, had been driving one morning toward the Lamar Valley to look for wolves when he came across the owl in a small meadow. “It was sitting on top of one of the conifers—presumably looking for breakfast. At one point, it relocated to an old, dead tree, and moments later, a raven joined it and commenced with quite the show. I suspect it had a nest nearby and was attempting to distract the owl away.”

Nilsson’s picture was recently featured in the Your Shot Daily Dozen.

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