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Fuji Blossoms

“I live on the north side of Fuji, and spring comes earlier on the south side, so I traveled to the south to admire the cherry blossoms with Fuji before spring came to my town,” says Yuga Kurita, a member of our Your Shot community.

“I left my house after midnight to get there in the morning, when the air is clearer and the cherry blossoms look more beautiful. When I was at the border between Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefectures, the sun was dawning, and I saw that Fuji was hiding behind clouds. So I parked and slept in my car for a while, planning to go back home after waking up. An hour later, I sensed something and woke. What I saw was Fuji emerging from the clouds. I was very delighted and drove south to capture the scene. I didn’t try to focus the scene perfectly because I liked the slight bokeh effect on Mount Fuji in the background.”

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