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Where the Antelope Play

“We were driving around the Savute plains in northern Botswana, searching for a group of lions that had killed a very young female impala a few minutes before,” writes Your Shot member Chris Schmid. “After [we’d been] observing the lions, a group of impalas got my attention. A young male was jumping around just a few meters away from the lions that had just killed one of its kind. The contrast between life and death made this moment unique. The other impalas were observing the lions, but this young male didn’t care one bit about them. He was just enjoying being alive.”

Schmid’s picture recently appeared in Your Shot’s Daily Dozen.

This photo was submitted to Your Shot. Check out the new and improved website, where you can share photos, take part in assignments, lend your voice to stories, and connect with fellow photographers from around the globe.

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