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Curious Ones

“Zanskar is one of the most beautiful and remote regions of Ladakh in India,” writes Rajiv Kumar, a member of our Your Shot photo community. “Full of valleys, rivers, lakes, and passes, this region remains disconnected from the rest of the world for almost six months every year, buried under the snow.”

During a drive to the Ladakh region in September 2011, Kumar focused on capturing the beauty of Zanskar, home to the village of Rangdum and its monastery. “The monastery sits right at the end of the village, watching over the whole valley like a fort. There are two schools there, one run by the monastery and another run by local authorities, both with very limited resources. I carried a lot of books, stationery, etc., for the kids, and it was a delight to see their happy faces as they received the supplies for their studies.”

Kumar’s picture recently appeared in the Your Shot Daily Dozen.

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