New Cardboard Crack Book!

November 09
New Cardboard Crack Book!

I’m super excited to announce that my new comic collection, titled Cardboard Crack is an intellectual sport, is now available! Just like my other books, this one is 142
pages and includes comics that have never appeared on my website.
I’ve also specially colored a comic for the back cover.

The book is available both on my site and on Amazon. Depending on what country you live in, try comparing my site with the Amazon associated with your region to see what’s the best deal for you. As always, my other 5 books are also available
through my site and Amazon.

if you’ve read most of my comics, these books make great gifts for
friends and family who play Magic. So please consider checking them out
because they help me out a ton with keeping this comic going. Also, if you own a Magic or game shop, shoot me an email to find out how to get these books in your store for the holidays.

Thanks so
much for your support!

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