Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

November 25

It’s that time of year, so here’s a quick rundown of the sales available from Cardboard Crack from now until the end of Monday.

Books: I now have 6 books available from my site. You can get Volume 5 at 20% off by using the code 3T6B98PN at checkout. Also, if you prefer to buy from Amazon, Volume 6 is on sale for 10% off.

Sleeves/Deckboxes: Both sleeves and deckboxes are available from Channel Fireball for 20% off. Don’t forget Channel Fireball also sells my my evolution playmats.

Shirts: You can get free shipping when you buy 2 or more of my Magic shirts by using the code 2GIFTS.

These products can be great gifts for the Magic players in your life. Also, thanks so much to everyone who has helped support my comic. It really means a lot to me!

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