Top Cardboard Crack Comics of 2015, 5 to 1

December 23
Top Cardboard Crack Comics of 2015, 5 to 1

Here are the top 5 Cardboard Crack comics from 2015. You can see numbers 10 to 6 here. Also, if you’re interested in my previous top comics, here are 2013 part 1, 2013 part 2, 2014 part 1, and 2014 part 2. Click the links in the descriptions below to see the full size comics.

5. Playing Magic can definitely be dangerous to your faith.


4. Unfortunately, I’ve never been so unlucky to have this happen to me.


3. I’m not sure how I thought of this comic, but I’m glad people liked it.


2. This is a great time of year to play Magic with friends and family, and remember why we love this game.


1. Finally, here’s my most popular comic of 2015. This totally works, right?


Thanks again to all my readers for a fantastic year! I have been
incredibly lucky to do something I love and receive so much support for it. You’re all awesome!

Have a happy holidays and safe New Year everyone!

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