I’ve spent 2 years learning programming by making games, here’s every project I’ve done!

August 23

Hey there, I’m a Slovenian game developer who started programming in the junior year of high school, and am now working on my first “commercial” game. I thought it would be cool to share my learning process and tools with all of you! Here's an album of all of my projects.

I started learning Java with a friend, and the best advice I found was to start with a very simple project and do your best to complete it. I made some short math programs first and then decided to check out graphics. I ended up making a type of pong clone (which you can see in the album), and from there I just kept getting more and more ideas of everything I wanted to create, test out new mechanics and so on.

I have an obvious obsession with everything space related, which you can see from my projects as the majority of them gravitated towards space combat and exploration games. After a year learning and growing my skills, I eventually got into 3D modelling too and with it, 3D game programming with a game engine called JMonkeyEngine. This allowed me to create my dream game, Lightspeed Frontier, which has been getting a lot of great attention and feedback recently!

All of this culminated with my acceptance to exhibit Lightspeed Frontier at a huge game conference called PAX West, where I will have the opportunity to share my game with over 70,000 attendees. I am still learning a lot as I move along, and finding more and more challenges as the game gets more complex, but that’s also the fun of it 🙂

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the album, and for your reference here are all of the tools and resources I use on an almost daily basis:

  • Blender (3D Modelling) – Very well known and for good reason, rivaling both 3DSMax and Maya in terms of model creation. It takes some time to learn well but it's totally worth it.

  • Eclipse SDK (Programming) – There are others that are just as good like NetBeans and Idea, but this one is my preference.

  • IDEA/Netbeans are awesome choices too, but this one is my personal preference.

  • Paint.NET (Image Editing) – While the base package is failry modest there is a plugin for nearly everything you'd ever need and also where I made the fancy image above. Very underrated.

  • Krita (Image Creation) – Still getting to know this one, but I can tell you it's like a free Photoshop.

  • JMonkeyEngine 3 (Game engine) – While Unreal and Unity may demand royalties at some point, if you're a Java programmer there is no better open source engine for you than jME3. Created and maintained by a dedicted community it's as free as it gets with an impressive set of modern features.

  • ScreenToGif (Recording gifs) – Gifs are a common advertising thing these days and there's not faster way to do it than with this program. It handles capturing, editing , exporting and is open source.

  • Spacescape (Space skyboxes) – A tool that's very useful for creation of skyboxes for space games. Nebulas, starfields, you name it.

  • Notepad++ (File Editing) – I thought I'd add this one to the list since it comes handy very often for running regular expressions, sorting lists and such. Also editing some random files like xml.

Same goes for game assets:

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