Taking a Break from Cardboard Crack

September 19
Taking a Break from Cardboard Crack

First, I should apologize. This is a post I should have made months ago. Basically, a few months ago I realized that with the pressures of work and family, I wouldn’t be able to continue making comics. But I really wanted to make one last comic to finish things up. The problem was, even though I kept telling myself that’s what I would do, I could never find the time. Soon days became weeks and weeks became months, and still no comic. I just kept delaying the inevitable, and the longer I waited the harder I found it to make this post. It got so bad that I even stopped reading my email and messages because I couldn’t bare to make this post.

So here I am now, ripping off the band-aid, and letting you know that I’m going to stop these comics for the foreseeable future.

Thank you to everyone that has supported these comics over the years. I was amazed at all the attention Cardboard Crack got pretty quickly once I started drawing it. Your words of encouragement and generosity were always appreciated. The Magic community is special and unique in many ways, and I’m happy that I could say that I was able to play a small part in it for a few years.

Even though I won’t be making comics any time soon, I still hope to help design some animated tokens from time to time because they’re just so fun to do. Be sure to check out our current Amonkhet tokens (including the Cat Token below) and hopefully we’ll have Ixalan tokens ready soon.

Thanks again for all your support, and sorry again for not making this post sooner.


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